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Over the years as a firefighter, my colleagues and I have advocated to conduct fire drills at your homes and businesses. The key to any successful plan is to have one and then practice it! Think about it, if you woke up at 2am to the sound of a smoke detector going off and smelled smoke… would you know what to do? That is not the time to be figuring it out, and not knowing what to do could cost you your life or your family’s life.

I want to use this same thought process, and the planning associated with it, to help create a solid financial readiness plan that could save the financial life of your family members. We as financial advisors preach financial planning, life insurance, and legacy planning, but how many people actually have a viable plan and sit down to create a strategy? I developed the Financial Fire Drill to make it easy for clients to feel prepared and have peace of mind.

In firefighting the first thing is to lay out a pre-plan. You look at the building and identify escape routes and most importantly a rally point of where you will meet once out of the burning home. A walk through is the starting point. We look at resources available and location of those resources. A fire hydrant is a good example, or if there isn’t one, then the best water source. Does the building have sprinklers?

We try to get as much good information up front to make things go as smooth as possible in an emergency. So your walk through will be providing as much information as possible, identifying resources, hazards, etc. so that your plan is ready should the emergency arise.

This course contains:

  • Downloadable PDF that you can fill out right on your computer or print
  • 18 Self-paced modules to walk you through filling out your Financial Fire Drill PDF