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Is it time to pull the alarm on your family’s financial safety?

What is the Financial Fire Drill ™?


Over the years as a firefighter, my colleagues and I have advocated to conduct fire drills at your homes and businesses. The key to any successful plan is to have one and then practice it!


If you woke up at 2 am to the sound of a smoke detector going off and smelled smoke…

Would you know what to do?

That is not the time to be figuring it out. Now lets flip the script: What if you didn’t come home from work tomorrow, or your significant other didn’t wake up? Would you know what to do? Who to call? Where the important items are that could save the financial life of you or your family? Not knowing what to do could cost you or your family’s life.

Learn how to build a solid financial readiness plan that could save the financial life of your family.

As part of the class you will receive a workbook that includes guidance in helping you build your own Financial Fire Drill.

Financial Fire Drill ™ Classes

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Financial Fire Drill ™ –

A Stahlnecker Group Service


The Stahlnecker Group is an education and motivational speaking firm that specializes in educating and motivating clients to create a custom plan that will act as a safety net for the protection of their financial health. Our goal is to bring a personalized strategy to each client.